* Ceremony of solemn tribute at Rebecq on May 18th, 2022 *
* 78th anniversary of the crash of Lancaster DV309 at Westerlo, on May 22nd, 2022 *

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National Memorial to the Soviet Armed Partisans in Belgium - 1944-2019

* The Memorial
* Ceremony of unveiling - 12/10/2019)
* Ceremony of awarding of an honorary distinction - 22/10/2020)
* History of the Soviet Partisans in Belgium
* Soviet P.A. graves in Belgium

A Memorial to the Soviet Armed Partisans in Belgium

soviet pa memorial

During the Battle of Stalingrad and the Nazi fighting on the Eastern Front, many soldiers of the Soviet army were taken prisoner. Many of them were quickly executed, while others were sent into captivity to Germany and the occupied countries. They were the most able-bodied people who were destined to work in industries that were in dire need of labour. Several soldiers and officers arrived in Belgium at the beginning of 1944. They were sent to the collieries of the Centre and the regions of Liège and Limburg. The conditions of their captivity were terrible, they were treated inhumanely by their captors.

Several hundreds of prisoners escaped from their place of detention. As soon as they were free, they put themselves at the disposal of the Resistance groups near the place of their escape. Most of them joined the Armed Partisans and took an active part in their operations against the occupier. Until the eve of the liberation of Belgium by the Allies, they took part in the last battles against the enemy, showing an unfailing courage and determination.

After the war, most of the fighters returned to the Soviet Union, while more than three hundred of their comrades who had been killed during the fighting were buried and still rest in Belgium.

Beyond all political considerations, the patriotic association «The Belgians Remember Them» and the commune of Rebecq wanted to honour the courage and determination of these men of honour by building this National Memorial to the Armed Partisans who fought for the Freedom of Belgium and their homeland.

The tribute will be paid both to those who survived the war and to those who were killed in the struggle against the Nazis and who are resting in Belgian soil.

75 years later, Belgium remembers them

The National Memorial to the Soviet Armed partisans in Belgium was unveiled by the Ambassador of the Federation of Russia on October 12e 2019 to the Communal cemetery of Rebecq, Walloon Brabant, Belgium

"The Belgians Remember Them" as organizer constituted a partnership with the municipality of Rebecq to erect this memorial.

soviet pa memorial

soviet pa memorial

soviet pa memorial


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