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We are not so many, but we have the same aim: to preserve the memory of those who gave their youth and their live for our freedom.

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Elegy to
the Heroes of Silence

Wilfred Burie


Born in 1953, during many years, as member, archivist and webmaster of the historical association of Rebecq (Walloon Brabant), I was led to be confronted with history of the village in war time.
In 2011, I erected a memorial in remembrance of the sacrifice of the seven 550 RAF Sqd North Killingholme Aircrews fallen in Rebecq on May 28th 1944 and of the 22 villagers who were arrested by Gestapo for having helped the surviving of the crash to escape.
After having constitued an association having the aim to preserve the memory of them, I united in the Memorial the six other crews of the 550 Sqd North Killinghomle fallen in Belgium during WWII
It is in 2014, when I had the privilege to attend to the Belgian Parade and to lay a wreath to the Cenotaph of London that I got the certitude that I had to do something more to express my gratitude and the one of my countrymen to the British and Commonwealth citizens for having helped my country two times, when we were invaded by Germans.
As so, I created this database in which everyone could get information about RAF airmen who fell in Belgium during WWII. I named it "The Belgians Remember Them" and gave the same name to the association.
Hoping this tool of research will help all who want to get information about an Airman or an aircraft fallen in Belgium will find it in this Web site.

Francis Plas


Vice-president of the association. Francis Plas is retired businessman. Maried, he has a son and two granddaughters

Eric Verly


Vice-president of the association. Eric Verly is retired of civil aviation. Maried, he has three children and four grandchildren

Christian Renotte


, Vice-president of the association. Maried, he as three boys.

Thierry Cardon


Thierry Cardon, after 42 years in the aviation business, ended his career as Airport Duty Manager at the Brussels South Charleroi Airport.
He gives free time to "The Belgium Remember Them" association. He serves as specialist of Royal Canadian Air Force losses in Belgium.
When it is possible, he represents the association to ceremonies of remembrance organised in Belgium.
He is also photographer and takes pictures of the events we organise, and is in charge to take pictures of all the RAF graves in British and Commonwealth cemeteries in Belgium.

Bruno and Carina Vanderbeurght


Members since begining of the association, in 2011, they support the executive committee il all circonstances, ans especially during services of Remembrance.

Jean-Pierre Bauwens


Jean-Pierre is the association's Standard-Bearer since 2017. He represents us also in other commemorations in Belgium.


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