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Province of Walloon Brabant

The RAF's intervention in Belgium during WW2 in few figures

For a total of 990 incidents, we identified 704 crashes of aircraft, 233 RAF men killed on LST at sea and 48 RAF ground personals killed in Belgium after landing (Luftwaffe’s attacks, V1, etc.).

Among this number, we listed 114 cases in Province of Antwerp, 5 in Region of Brussels-Capitale, 42 in Province of Flemish Brabant, 28 in Province of Walloon Brabant, 47 in Province of Hainaut, 66 in Province of Liege, 107 in Province of Limburg, 61 in Province of Luxembourg, 60 in Namur, 54 in Province of East Flanders, 104 in Province of West Flanders, 57 off Belgian Coast, 233 Unaccounted personal of RAF killed aboard of LST420 having exploded after touching a floating mine off of Oostende’s haven, on 7/11/1944. For 4 cases, we don’t have enough information about the location of the crash.

They were 4129 men who fell on Belgian soil under the command of Royal Air Force during WW2.
Among them, 271 Australians, 2 Belgians, 774 Canadians, 2 Czech, 1 Danish, 7 Irishmen, 14 Frenches, 9 Netherlands, 4 Norwegians, 104 New Zealanders, 55 Polishes, 1 Rhodesian, 4 South Afrikaners, 2873 British and 10 Americans flying with RAF.

3072 of them were Killed (KIA), 294 Missing (MIA), 494 became Prisoners of War (POW), 184 escaped (EVD) and 86 survived (SVD).


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