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Elegy to
the Heroes of Silence

Researches by squadron

Go to the page "The Squadrons of the RAF" (in the left menu) and select the squadron. At the bottom of the information you will find a list of the aircraft from the squadron which crashed in Belgium during WW2.
Click on the aircraft that interests you to access the page about the crash.
From there, use the links at the top of the page to see individual names and any memorial erected to the crew, if it exists.

Researches by location

Click to the tab "Crash sites", or "Crews", or "Memorials", in the top-menu.
This shows a map of Belgium divided into Provinces. Click on the selected province.
This brings you to a map of the province which shows all the crash sites, the crews involved and lists any memorials. Choose your subject.
As above, select pages relevant to your choice.

Sources of the published information

All the sources of information are mentioned at the bottom of the page.
Other than official websites giving lists or data, there are many by veterans, squadron associations and groups or organisations dedicated to the period which provide complementary information. These sources may give more detail about the history of each airman who fell in Belgium


Whenever news or information is added to the site, the date of the change will appear and the nature of the update will be mentioned in the "Latest site updates" page.


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