* Report: July 15th, 2023: The Belgians Parade to the London Cenotaph *

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This results of a work of 3 years during which many researches were been done.
I imagined it after having laid a whreat in remembrance of the fallen at the Cenotaph of London, on July 15th 2017.
I felt the necessity to express my eternal gratitude and that of my compatriots to those who gave their live for the freedom of my country.
Thus, their descendants will be able to find traks of them and eventually provide information concerning their Airman who felt on Belgian soil during WW2
We count that 699 crashes hapenned on Belgian soil and 275 cases of individual "incidents" with the death of unaccounted RAF personal sent in Belgium for the RAF air bases after September 3rd, 1944, when Belgium was liberated by Allied.
Among the 4069 persons concerned, 3020 were declared Killed in Action, 302 Missing in Action, 485 Prisoners of War, 174 Evaders and 89 Survived.

Wilfred Burie


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