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The cemeteries where rest the fallen: Province of Antwerpen

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Elegy to
the Heroes of Silence


Crew-members buried in this cemetery:


Airmen died in Province of Antwerpen
* Crew of Wellington 9298-KO-H fallen on 21/05/1940
* Crew of Whitley N1424-GE-P fallen to Antwerpen on 11/07/1940
* Crew of Wellington T2505-WS-S fallen near Antwerpen on 28/09/1940
* Crew of Hampden P2121-KM fallen near Antwerp on 17/11/1940
* Crew of Whitley P4992-KN-T fallen near Antwerp on 18/11/1940
* Crew of Blenheim T2225-UX on 10/12/1940


Airmen died in Province of Antwerpen
* Crew of Wellington Z8795-OJ-C fallen to Lillo on 20/01/1941
* Crew of Hampden X3002-ZN fallen to Maria-ter-Heide on 4/03/1941
* Crew of Mosquito HX937 fallen to Stekene on 9/10/1943


Airmen died in Province of Antwerpen
* Crew of Whitley Z9307-H fallen to Hoboken on 30/05/1942
* Crew of Wellington X3469-WS fallen to Retie on 31/05/1942
* Crew of Mosquito W4064 fallen to Bazel on 31/05/1942
* Crew of Wellington HX375-X fallen to Kordekenshoef on 2/06/1942
* Crew of Blenheim T2254-A fallen to Aartselaar on 26/06/1942
* Crew of Halifax W1061-EY fallen to Wommelgem on 12/08/1942


Airmen died in Province of Antwerpen
* Crew of Wellington HE164-HD fallen to Meerhout on 14/02/1943
* Crew of Halifax DT556-MP-U fallen to Kasterlee on 2/03/1943
* Crew of Lancaster W4171-EM-J fallen to Mol on 27/04/1943
* Crew of Stirling BF479-OJ-E fallen to Kasterlee on 14/05/1943
* Crew of Lancaster ED768-PO-N fallen near Antwerp on 26/05/1943
* Crew of Halifax HR833-TL-F fallen to Hoogstraten on 30/05/1943
* Crew of Lancaster ED810-VN fallen to Ekeren on 15/06/1943
* Crew of Lancaster ED840-GT fallen to Lier on 17/06/1943
* Crew of Lancaster ED487-WS-D fallen to Voorst on 17/06/1943
* Crew of Lancaster ED553-HW-R fallen to Wommelgem on 17/06/1943
* Crew of Stirling BK815-LS-V fallen to Melsele on 22/06/1943
* Crew of Wellington HE347-SM-F fallen to Antwerpen on 22/06/1943
* Crew of Halifax JD259-NP-R fallen to Lees-Mechelen on 23/06/1943
* Crew of Halifax JD144-DY-Q fallen to Barvaux-en-Condroz on 25/06/1943
* Crew of Halifax HR839-LK-L fallen to Herentals on 26/06/1943
* Crew of Halifax JD159-VR-Y fallen to Muysen on 4/07/1943
* Crew of Lancaster ED663-EA fallen to Grobbendonk on 9/07/1943
* Crew of Halifax LK629-Z fallen near Antwerpen on 31/08/1943
* Crew of Halifax JD409-EY-D fallen to Westmalle on 31/08/1943
* Crew of Mosquito HX916-SB-F fallen to Schoten on 9/10/1943
* Crew of Halifax JD363-AL fallen to Rijkevorsel on 22/10/1943
* Crew of Halifax JN920-LK-L fallen to Turnhout on 22/10/1943
* Crew of Lancaster JB121-PO-U fallen near Antwerpen on 3/11/1943
* Crew of Beaufighter V8402-TW-F fallen to Kalmthout on 24/12/1943


Airmen died in Province of Antwerpen
* Crew of Spitfire MA835 fallen to Clinge on 3/01/1944
* Crew of Lancaster ND389-QL-A fallen to Beerse on 11/04/1944
* Crew of Lancaster LL899-EA-P fallen to Hennxbroek on 11/04/1944
* Crew of Lancaster JA695-QR-W fallen to Kievermont on 11/04/1944
* Crew of Mosquito DZ406-NO-K fallen to Vlimmingen on 16/04/1943
* Crew of Spitfire MJ558 fallen to Herentals on 19/04/1944
* Crew of Lancaster LL887-HW-H fallen to Arendonk on 23/04/1944
* Crew of Lancaster ND745-A4-D fallen on 23/04/1944
* Crew of Halifax LW622-DT-R fallen to Haasdonk on 25/04/1944
* Crew of Lancaster DS734-KO-Y fallen to Mechelen on 25/04/1944
* Crew of Halifax MZ536-SE-F fallen to Trognée on 28/04/1944
* Crew of Halifax MZ529-SE-E fallen to Blauberg on 28/04/1944
* Crew of Mosquito NS847-3P fallen to Bazel on 2/05/1944
* Crew of Lancaster LM454-QR-Z fallen to Melsele on 12/05/1944
* Crew of Lancaster JB733-PM-K fallen to Hallaar on 12/05/1944
* Crew of Lancaster ND700-PM-X fallen to Loenhout on 12/05/1944
* Crew of Lancaster ME 627-LE-S fallen to Herenthout on 12/05/1944
* Crew of Halifax LW499-C8-C fallen to Geel on 13/05/1944
* Crew of MZ575-MP-W fallen to Halshout on 13/05/1944
* Crew of Halifax LV919-HD-O fallen to Zondereigen on 13/05/1944
* Crew of Lancaster ND964-UM-K fallen to Herselt on 22/05/1944
* Crew of Lancaster LM513-CF-Y fallen near Antwerpen on 22/05/1944
* Crew of Lancaster DV 309-BQ-S fallen to Westerlo on 22/05/1944
* Crew of Lancaster ME670-HW-O fallen to Brecht on 23/05/1944
* Crew of Halifax LK865-C8-Q fallen to Hoogstraten on 28/05/1944
* Crew of Halifax MZ649-DY-Y fallen on 28/05/1944
* Crew of Lancaster ME808-EA-D fallen to Loenhout on 22/06/1944
* Crew of Lancaster ME677-HW-X fallen on 22/06/1944
* Crew of Lancaster ND715-PH-R fallen to Postel on 22/06/1944
* Crew of Lancaster LM180-JI-G fallen to Bavegem on 13/08/1944
* Crew of Typhoon EK289 fallen to Waarschoot on 8/09/1944
* Crew of Spitfire NH318 fallen to Wommelgem on 17/09/1944
* Crew of Spitfire PT772, fallen on 2/10/1944
* Crew of Typhoon JP441 fallen on 21/10/1944
* Crew of Typhoon MN702-TP-F fallen to Beveland on 5/11/1944
* Crew of Typhoon MN881-R fallen in Holland on 21/11/1944
* Crew of Typhoon MN752-D fallen to Amersfoort (NL) on 21/11/1944
* Crew of Spitfire MH474-5J-X fallen near the river Schelde on 22/11/1944

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Location information

Antwerp lies 57 Km north of Brussels on the E19 and 59 km north east of Gent on the E17 motorway. The cemetery itself is located in Wilrijk, a suburb of Antwerp. From the centre follow the Kleine Steenweg until you arrive at the ring road. Turn right and follow the ring road for 250 M to the first set of traffic lights and turn left. Go under the flyover and continue straight on over the dual carriageway into Jules Moretus Lei. Follow this street for 800 M and the entrance to the Municipal Cemetery is on your left. After entering the cemetery follow the Commission signs to the three Commission plots at the far end of the cemetery. Alternatively ask for their location at the office within the cemetery.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC)


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