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The cemeteries where rest the fallen: Province of Hainaut

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Elegy to
the Heroes of Silence


Crew-members buried in this cemetery:

* Crew of Halifax LW383-LK-K fallen to Ath on 13/08/1944
* Crew of Wellington LN288-HD fallen to Baudour on 14/07/1943
* Crew of Lancaster ND347-JQ-W fallen to Bon-Secours on 9/05/1944
* Crew of Halifax DT734-KN-J fallen to Boussu on 10/03/1943
* Crew of Lancaster ND587-LQ-D fallen to Gallaix on 9/05/1944
* Crew of Halifax L9572-TL-G fallen to Chièvres on 25/08/1941
* Crew of Lancaster ME620-TL-C fallen to Estinnes on 9/05/1944
* Crew of Lancaster W4317-QR-R fallen to Givry on 17/04/1943
* Crew of Lancaster ND384-CT-D fallen to Grandrieu on 2/01/1944
* Crew of Stirling LJ442-JN-F fallen to Horrues on 19/11/1943
* Crew of Lancaster LL921-AA-E fallen to Harveng on 19/07/1944
* Crew of Halifax JD167-KN-Z fallen to Dour on 11/08/1943
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Location information

Chievres Communal Cemetery is located 15 km north west of Mons on the N525 a road leading from the N56 connecting Mons to Ath. From Mons the N56 Chaussee de Mons leads for 22 km to the left hand turning onto the N525 Grande Rue. 2 km along the N525 lies the village of Chievres. The cemetery is located immediately before entering the village on the right hand side of the Grande Rue.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC)


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