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The cemeteries where rest the fallen: Province of Limburg

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Elegy to
the Heroes of Silence


Crew-members buried in this cemetery:

* Crew of Hampden AD797-VN fallen to Meeuwen (Linde-Peer) on 3/06/1941
* Crew of Halifax W7718-LQ-T fallen to Heppeneert on 1/08/1942
* Crew of Halifax JD144-DY-Q fallen to Barvaux-en-Condroz on 25/06/1943
* Crew of Blenheim P6912-LS-O fallen to Genk on 12/05/1944
* Crew of Lancaster LL792-PO-E fallen to Beverlo on 11/05/1944
* Crew of Lancaster LL973-EM-M fallen to Dorne on 22/06/1944
* Crew of Halifax LW391-KW-J fallen to Beverlo on 15/10/1944
* Crew of Lancaster PB505-GT-F fallen to Hechtel on 3/02/1945
* Crew of Lancaster NG237-CF-S fallen to Leopoldsburg on 3/04/1945
* Crew of Spitfire SM277 fallen on 24/12/1944
* Crew of Spitfire NH148 fallen on 1/02/1945
* Crew of Halifax MZ574-ZA-W fallen on 23/09/1944
* Crew of Halifax NA175 DY-Q fallen to Lommel on 8/02/1945
* Crew of Mosquito KB210-MS-P fallen to Liege on 17/09/1944
* Crew of Lancaster NG332-IL-D fallen to Gembloux on 1/01/1945
* Crew of Lancaster PB768-XH-B fallen to Gembloux on 1/01/1945
* Crew of Halifax NP934-MH-V fallen to Charleroi on 18/12/1944
* Crew of Mitchell FR165 fallen to Tienen on 9/02/1945
* Crew of Mosquito NT179 fallen to Neerijse on 29/09/1944
* Crew of Lancaster ND976 KM-R fallen to Kalloo on 22/05/1944
* Crew of Liberator TT336-6C-R fallen to Meerhout on 14/01/1945
* Crew of Typhoon PD551 fallen to Retie on 20/09/1944
* Crew of Halifax NR129-MH-M fallen to Thines on 21/11/1944
* Crew of Halifax LV818-ZA-F fallen to Les Taillettes (F) on 18/12/1944
* Crew of Halifax NP699-QO-O fallen to Les Taillettes (F) on 18/12/1944
* Crew of


Location information

Leopoldsburg (also known as Bourg-Leopold) is located 58 Kms north-east of Leuven on the N73. Follow the N73 into Leopoldsburg town centre. Follow the one-way system round the town and at the junction of the Koning Albert I Plein the cemetery is signposted. Follow the direction of the signpost to the right into Koning Albert I Plein. At the crossroads turn left into Priester Poppelaan and at the T junction turn right into Koning Leopold III Laan. At the crossroads turn left into Koning Leopold II Laan and the cemetery is sited 200 metres along on the right.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC)


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