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The cemeteries where rest the fallen: Province of Namur

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Last update: 25/06/23

Elegy to
the Heroes of Silence


Crew-members buried in this cemetery:

* Crew of Halifax JD144-DY-Q fallen to Barvaux-en-Condroz on 25/06/1943
* Crew of Halifax DT752-EQ-W fallen to Nassogne on 17/04/1943
* Crew of Halifax HR872-LQ-K fallen to Awenne on 10/08/1943
* Crew of Lancaster W4236-QR-K fallen to Marbehan on 10/08/1943
* Crew of Lancaster JA707-OF-V fallen to sibret on 28/08/1943
* Crew of Stirling BF460-LS-F fallen to Doische on 11/08/1943
* Crew of Crew of Halifax BB249-DY-Z fallen to Eprave on 10/07/1943
* Crew of Stirling EE905-QS-S fallen to Gedinne on 30/07/1943
* Crew of Lancaster W5012-PM-O fallen to Gesves on 4/07/1943
* Crew of Wellington HE353-QO-R fallen to Givet on 14/07/1943
* Crew of Halifax DK228-NA-D fallen to Le Mesnil on 14/07/1943
* Crew of Stirling BF513-AA-E fallen to Regniessart on 15/04/1943
* Crew of Halifax W7913-DY-C fallen to Resteigne on 3/12/1942
* Crew of Wellington HE652-KW fallen to Virelles on 10/04/1943
* Crew of Halifax HR938-NP-L fallen to Wancennes on 11/08/1943
* Crew of Halifax DT668-NP-K fallen to Bouillon on 26/02/1943
* Crew of
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* Crew of


Location information

Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC)


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