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The cemeteries where rest the fallen: Province of Oost Vlaanderen

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Elegy to
the Heroes of Silence


Crew-members buried in this cemetery:

* Crew of Lancaster KB711-VR-C fallen to Gent on 2/05/1944
* Crew of Spitfire MK453 fallen to Maldegem on 28/10/1944
* Crew of Typhoon JP911 fallen to Mendonk on 5/10/1943
* Crew of Wellington DF673-AA fallen to Moerbeke on 29/08/1942
* Crew of Wellington R1406-BL-C fallen to Sint-Laureins on 27/06/1941
* Crew of Wellington T2957-LN-A fallen to Stekene on 31/07/1941
* Crew of Whirlwind P7057 fallen to Tielt on 25/04/1943
* Crew of Lancaster LL862-SR-K fallen outside of borders on 21/07/1944
* Crew of Manchester L7384-OF fallen outside of borders on 16/08/1941
* Crew of Mosquito HK382 fallen outside of borders on 16/03/1945
* Crew of Mosquito HK481 fallen outside of borders on 13/01/1945
* Crew of Hampden P1318 fallen off coast on 25/05/1940
* Crew of Wellington W5463-SM-E fallen off coast on 16/08/1941
* Crew of Wellington Z1209-QT-Z fallen of coast on 31/05/1942
* Crew of Boston Z2179-RH fallen to Diksmuide on 31/10/1942
* Crew of Lancaster LL771-SR-Y fallen outside of borders on 11/10/1944
* Crew of Blenheim R3661-PZ-A fallen outside of borders on 18/07/1940
* Crew of Mosquito HK512 fallen outside of borders on 12/12/1944
* Crew of Spitfire MK416 fallen to Gent on 6/09/1944
* Crew of Halifax W1244-MP-D fallen to Diksmuide on 1/09/1942
* Crew of Lancaster W4967-SR-P fallen to Kortrijk on 21/01/1944
* Crew of Lancaster PD205-WS-H fallen to Kortrijk on 21/07/1944
* Crew of Lancaster KR713-VR-X fallen to Lo-Reninge on 13/05/1944
* Crew of Wellington T2463-AA-E fallen to Oostende on 20/09/1940
* Crew of Hampden P1185-GL-B fallen to Middelkerke on 1/08/1942
* Crew of Dakota KG512 fallen to Ramskapelle on 21/09/1944
* Crew of Hurricane Z4001 fallen to Zeebrugge on 26/08/1941
* Crew of Typhoon EK370 fallen to Zeebrugge on 23/02/1944
* Crew of Wellington T2620-WS-G fallen off coast on 9/06/1941
* Crew of Hampden AD726-KM fallen off coast on 12/09/1941
* Crew of Halifax W7745-NP-K fallen off coast on 10/09/1942
* Crew of Wellington BJ987-PP-L fallen off coast on 11/09/1942
* Crew of Stirling LJ501-OJ-H fallen off coast on 1/06/1944
* Crew of Whitley Z6569-MH-S fallen to Kortessem on 19/08/1941
* Crew of Whitley Z6479 MH-M fallen to Houthalen on 17/06/1941
* Crew of Lancaster ME683 EM-W fallen to Meeuwen on 22/06/1944
* Crew of Stirling W7508-OJ-D fallen to Beauvechain on 6/06/1942
* Crew of Wellington Z1316-QT-H fallen to Balen on 30/07/1942
* Crew of Huricane P2535 fallen in Belgium on 16/05/1940
* Crew of Wellington X3728-GT fallen to Perk on 29/08/1942
* Crew of unknown aircraft fallen at sea? on 11/09/1942?
* Crew of Hurricane P2535 fallen to Mons on 18/05/1940
* Crew of Hampden X3066-PL fallen to Neeroeteren on 10/04/1941


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Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC)


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