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The cemeteries where rest the fallen: Province of West-Vlaanderen

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Elegy to
the Heroes of Silence


Crew-members buried in this cemetery:

* Crew of Wellington W5463-SM-E fallen off coast on 16/08/1941
* Crew of Wellington ?-HD-R fallen to Oostende on 11/09/1940
* Crew of Wellington T2463-AA-E fallen to Oostende on 20/09/1940
* Crew of Wellington R3220-WS fallen to Oostende on 7/12/1940
* Crew of Stirling N6068-OT-J fallen to Oostende on 16/04/1942
* Crew of Mustang AG472 fallen to Oostende on 14/08/1942
* Crew of Boston Z2249-MQ-D fallen to Raversijde on 27/04/1942
* Crew of Spitfire P9379 fallen off the Belgian coast on 31/07/1940
* Crew of Spitfire R6757 fallen off coast on 11/08/1940
* Crew of Spitfire R6962 fallen off coast on 11/08/1940
* Crew of Hampden L4097 fallen off coast on 10/09/1940
* Crew of Wellington X3162-DX fallen off coast on 22/03/1941
* Crew of Blenheim V6035-YH-O fallen off coast on 23/07/1941
* Crew of Wellington X9828-SR fallen off coast on 24/10/1941
* Crew of Hampden AE380-VN fallen off coast on 15/12/1941
* Crew of Wellington W5482-NP-X fallen off coast on 11/04/1942
* Crew of Wellington Z1379-GR-J fallen off coast on 15/04/1942
* Crew of Lancaster R5684-ZN-P fallen off coast on 25/08/1942
* Crew of Halifax W7745-NP-K fallen off coast on 10/09/1942
* Crew of Stirling BK602-AA-R fallen off coast on 26/05/1943
* Crew of Wellington HE184-SE-M fallen off coast on 12/06/1943
* Crew of Lancaster W4332-UV fallen off coast on 16/06/1943
* Crew of Spitfire BR143-SZ-Q fallen off coast on 187/06/1943
* Crew of Stirling R9281-MG-V fallen off coast on 25/06/1943
* Crew of Mosquito DZ640-AZ-U fallen off coast on 30/10/1944
* Crew of Spitfire PL326 fallen off coast on 11/09/1944
* Crew of Spitfire SM333 fallen to Hundelgem on 14/01/1945
* Crew of an aircraft fallen somewhere in Belgium on 7/07/1941


Location information

Oostende New Communal Cemetery is located in the town of Oostende on the Stuiverstraat, a road leading from the R31 Elisabethlaan. Travelling towards Brussels on the R31 the Stuiverstraat is located 500 metres after the junction with the N33. The cemetery is located 800 metres along the Stuiverstraat on the right hand side of the road.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC)


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