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On Sunday, May 22, 2022, we commemorated the 78th anniversary of the crash of the Lancaster DV 309-BQ-S aircraft that left the day before North Killingholme to bomb the Duisburg industrial zone in the Ruhr. The plane was intercepted by a German night fighter who gunned it down, causing it to fall immediately. Before it hit the ground, it exploded. The whole crew was killed. The accident occurred in the hamlet of Schobbroek, village of Voortkapel, town of Westerlo.

This year, the Schobbroek Committee of Remembrance organized a ceremony in memory of the 7 men of the crew. A first part took place in the church OLV Ten Hemel.

After the memorial service, the participants went to the memorial erected by the Schobbroek Comitee in 1998 near the accident spot. There, the representative of the Committee delivered a speech, followed by that of the Alderman responsible for Voortkapel, Paul Helsen.

Invited to speak, Wilfred Burie, President of "The Belgians Remember Them" stressed the fact that the current youth is entitled to expect from the elders a world of peace. " In these troubled times, we must each, according to our means, help those who are fighting today to find common ground in order to quickly conclude peace agreements in mutual resprect. Instead of selling weapons, let’s offer tables, paper and ink to allow people devastated by the horrors of war to return to a normal and decent life".

Next, wreaths of flowers were laid in the name of the Organizing Committee, the Town of Westerlo and 550 Squadron North Killingholme. British and Belgian anthems were played

solemn tribute-Westerlo, 22/05/2022

solemn tribute-Westerlo, 22/05/2022

solemn tribute-Westerlo, 22/05/2022

solemn tribute-Westerlo, 22/05/2022

solemn tribute-Westerlo, 22/05/2022

solemn tribute-Westerlo, 22/05/2022

Pictures taken by Louis Michiels


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