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RAF aircraft's crash sites Outside of borders:
Beuningen, Nijmegen (NL)

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the Heroes of Silence

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Crash site of Auster ?

cest raf squadron
Unit: 2 Tactical Squadron
Aircraft: Auster
Code: ?
Base: Mildenhall
Mission: Air combat
Crew officer: F/L A. McQueen
Incident: Shot down by ground fire

Location: Outside of Borders
Beuningen, Nijmegen (NL)



McQueen is mentioned in Chorley's Bomber Command Losses Vol6 as being lost on an op to Krefeld on Lancaster HK620 but the crash location is not given. Chorley mentions that there was an extra pilot on board and also a 3rd Ag as the a/c was equipped with an under-gun position, making the total of 9. The Lancaster took off from Mildenhall,which might mitigate against McQueen being in 2TAF, which was Europe mainland based, however the t/o was 0310 and it was during, or at the start of, the Army Operation Veritable and it could have been hoped that there might have been enough light for an Artillery observer to see something of use to the ground forces if mainland weather made things difficult in other areas.That is a very long shot and it ought to have been mentioned in the Sqn ORB
The second airman onboard could lead the aircraft to the airbase of Eindhoven and landed safely. We don't know his name and the serial code of the Aircraft.

cest raf squadron

Courtesy: M. Alastair Treep. His relatives welcomed several RAF airmen, including Alastair McQueen, into their homes. The airmen signed their visit in a guest book. The above fragment shows Alastair’s signature

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