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RAF aircraft's crash sites in Province of Limburg:
De Plank (La Planck)

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Crash site of Lancaster W4123-UL-R2

cest raf squadron
Unit: 576 Squadron
Aircraft: Lancaster
Code: W4123-UL-R2
Base: Elsham Wolds
Mission: Frankfurt
Crew officer: Sergeant J E Redmond
Incident: Shot down by German fighter

Location: (Prov. Limburg)



This Lancaster crashed in the Red Wood, about 1 km south of the hamlet of La Planck. The ranger at the time, Mr. Alex Zeevaert, found December 21, 1943 the body of a member of Canadian crew of this aircraft Lancaster. It was probably Jack Edward Redmond.
Later, he found the wreck of Lancaster, in which there was still a body. A third crewman was found on the other side to the edge of the woods on the side of Veurs. At first, we placed three commemorative wooden cross. The ranger has probably also found the aviator address since a mail exchange took place between the two families after the war.
Later, at the intervention of the family Zeevaert a cross was placed at the the place where the body was found the Canadian and had grasvé the text "To the glorious memory of a Canadian airman fell by 20 December 1943 'in French and English. The costs had been incurred by the municipality of Remersdael.
Jos Buysen of the association "Heem en Natuur 'reports that the family of this Canadian has visited the place there are fifteen.
The victims were buried by the Germans on their core Sint Truiden. After the war they were all buried again in Heverlee. With the exception of Sgt Redmond, Canadian, they were all citizens of the United Kingdom.
The Canadian Virtual War Memorial mentions that Jack Edward Redmond was the son of William John Redmond and Redmond Lily May (nee Lynn), Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada. His tomb is No. 5. B. 3. in Heverlee War Cemetery.


First graves of the crew into the cemetery of Tongeren.

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