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Crash sites outside of border whose airmen are buried in Province of Luxemburg
Near Sankt-Vith

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Crash site of Typhoon MN894

crest raf squadron
Unit: 439 Squadron
Aircraft: Typhoon
Code: MN894
Base: Eindhoven (NL)
Mission: Mayen
Crew officer: Flight Lieutenant Kenneth Freeland Sage
Incident: Shot down by German flak

Location: (Prov. Luxembourg)



The following entry is from 439's War Operations Record Book (Form 541): Ten aircraft took-off this time to cover the battle area south of Aachen, Germany. They were led by F/O Laurence and after climbing to 11,000 feet levelled out and flew towards the area south of Aachen where the Squadron broke up into three sections. F/O Laurence and his section descended to 3,000 feet and searched for enemy transport.
They were right over the battle line where great artillery and armoured activity was going on beneath. Considerable scattered MET was visible but all defended by concentrations of 20mm and 40mm guns which proved very formidable. After attacking various targets, they went down on some vehicles just outside the little village of Schonberg, inside Belgium where terrific flak was encountered.
Red 3 (F/L Sage) received a hit between Mayan and Monreal, west of Keblens and flicked on his back, then crashed into the deck, burning up at map reference L.0579


439 Squadron
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