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Crash sites outside of border whose airmen are buried in Province of Luxemburg
Hagenau (F)

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Crash site of Lancaster NF965-GI-S

crest raf squadron
Unit: 622 Squadron
Aircraft: Lancaster
Code: NF965-GI-S
Base: Mildenhal
Mission: Frankfurth
Crew officer:
Incident: Collided

Location: (Prov. Luxembourg)



Frankfurt. 387 aircraft. The last major raid of the war on this target. 17 Lancasters lost (4.5%). Serious destruction of the western parts of the city where many industrial buildings were located. Some of the fires burned for three days, due in part to many of the city's firemen being away in Darmstadt due to the raid the previous night.
Reason for Loss: Collided in the air with a 625 Sqn Lancaster (LM512, CF-M). Both aircraft crashed onto the west bank of the Rhine, east of Haguenau, France


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