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RAF aircraft's crash sites during WW2
Crash arisen in Belgium without specified location

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* Crash of Lancaster ME677-HW-X fallen on 22/05/1944
* Crash of Halifax MZ649-DY-Y fallen on 28/05/1944
* Crash of Halifax HX326-ZA-N fallen somewhere on 27/04/1944
* Crash of Lancaster HK680-AP-H fallen on 6/12/1944
* Crash of Lancaster LL966-LE-P fallen outside of borders on 15/02/1945
* Crash of Spitfire K9813-SH fallen near Dunkerque on 31/05/1940
* Crash of Lancaster PB141 60-P fallen near Köln on 23/12/1944

The International Bomber Command Centre (IBCC)
Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC)
Aircrew Remembered

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