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Location of RAF aircraft's crashes in the Province of Vlaams-Brabant

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Crash site of Liberator KL595-LB-30-A

cest raf squadron

Unit: 206 Squadron
Aircraft: Liberator (B24)
Code: KL595-LB-30-A
Base: Oakington
Mission: Troops transport
Crew officer: Sqd Leader RIVAZ, RICHARD CHARLES
Incident: Taking off accident

Location: (Prov. Vlaams Brabant)



This aircraft was tasked with transporting troops back to the UK from Belgium. It took off at night with 5 crew and 26 passengers on board. The pilot made an attempt to get the aircraft off the ground before flying speed had been reached, but failed and sank whilst crossing a hollow at the end of the runway and crashed, bursting into flames. A total of 31 people on board lost their lives

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