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The tribute of the Czech Republic to the Rebecq's Memorial
Rebecq, May 19th, 2021

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On 19 May 2021, we had the honor of welcoming His Excellency Sir Pavel Klucký, Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Belgium and Mrs Sandra Miholavá, Minister-Counsellor and Consul General of the Czech Republic to Belgium.
Our hosts wished to pay tribute to the airmen of the RAF fallen in Belgium during the Second World War and more particularly Sergeant Pavel Pavlik and Flight Lieutenant John Pinny, both Czech nationals who lost their lives while on a combat mission. They are buried in Ypres and Bourg-Léopold respectively.
On their arrival in front of the monument of the Rebecq Memorial, they were welcomed by Wilfred Burie, President, Fancis Plas, Eric Verly, Vice-Presidents and Bruno and Carina Vanderbeurght-Verhaeg, Members of the Executive Committee of the association «The Belgians Remember Them».
The Ambassador then laid a wreath of flowers in homage to the heroes whose memorial monument perpetuates the memory. Wilfred Burie joined him on behalf of the association and all Belgians, as the name of the association underlines.
After sharing words of mutual respect, the two diplomats returned to Brussels not without assuring us that this first contact will be followed by others.

We are increasingly convinced of the validity of our Memory mission: more and more nations are recognizing the work done by our association. It is a great honor for us to have the recognition of the representatives of the victims of yesterday’s enemy, it encourages us to continue the fight against oblivion and indifference!

The Ambassador of Czech Republic ans the General Consul are welcomed by the president of the association

Tribute to the Czech Airmen in RAF is paid

Eric Verly and Francis Plas, Vices-presidents sharing with our Czech friends

The flag of Czech Republic was hanged in honor


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