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Elegy to
the Heroes of Silence

The RAF's intervention in Belgium during WW2 in few figures

For a total of 806 incidents, we identified 726 crashes of aircraft, 233 RAF men killed on LST at sea and 44 RAF ground personals killed in Belgium after landing (Luftwaffe’s attacks, V1, etc.).

Among this number, we listed 114 cases in Province of Antwerp, 5 in Region of Brussels-Capitale, 42 in Province of Flemish Brabant, 28 in Province of Walloon Brabant, 47 in Province of Hainaut, 66 in Province of Liege, 107 in Province of Limburg, 61 in Province of Luxembourg, 60 in Namur, 54 in Province of East Flanders, 104 in Province of West Flanders, 57 off Belgian Coast, 233 Unaccounted personal of RAF killed aboard of LST420 having exploded after touching a floating mine off of Oostende’s haven, on 7/11/1944. For 4 cases, we don’t have enough information about the location of the crash.

They were 4193 men who fell on Belgian soil under the command of Royal Air Force during WW2 or out the borders but are buried in Belgium.

Among them, 271 Australians, 16 Belgians, 774 Canadians, 1 Danish, 2 Czech, 7 Irishmen, 14 Frenches, 9 Netherlands, 4 Norwegians, 104 New Zealanders, 58 Polishes, 1 Indian, 5 South Afrikaners, 3140 British and 10 Americans flying with RAF.

3141 of them were Killed (KIA), 303 Missing (MIA), 497 became Prisoners of War (POW), 180 escaped (EVD) and 72 survived (SVD).

The Allies’ efforts to fight the Germans from Belgium and put the end to the reign of Nazism in Europe were enormous.
If the general theme of this site is on the role of the Royal Air Force in Belgium, we do not forget the contribution of the United States Army Air Force and its aircrews.
We also do not forget that the United Kingdom was involved in the defence of Belgium in May 1940, as in 1914. By this time, the RAF had losses of 1300 aviators in Belgium.
The pages of this chapter inform the user about the importance of the operations carried out by the RAF in Belgium and the sacrifices made by the aircrews. We hope that this will be a real help to those looking for information about any particular RAF person involved in the defence of Belgium between May 1940 and May 1945.

Abbreviations: Provinces
ANT: Province of Antwerpen
BRU: Region of Brussels
BVL: Province of Flemish Brabant
BWO: Province of Walloon Brabant
HAI: Province of Hainaut
LIE: Province of Liege
LMB: Province of Limburg
LUX: Province of Luxemburg
NAM: Province of Namur
OVL: Province of East Flanders
WVL: Province of West Flanders
SWL: Crash happened on sea (Channel)
* UNK: Case of crash to be specified (location, etc.)
* ZOB: Case of crash out the Belgian borders

Abbreviations: Air Forces
FFL: France (Forces de la France Libre)
PAF : Poland Air Force
RAAF: Royal Australian Air Force
RAF: Royal Air Force
RAFVR: Royal Air Force-Volunteer of Reserve
RCAF: Royal Canadian Air Force
RNNAF: Royal Netherland Air Force
RNZAF: Royal New Zealand Air Force
RSAAF: Royal South African Air Force
USAAF: United States of America Air Force

Abbreviations: Nationalities
AUS: Australian
BEL: Belgian
CND: Canadian
CZEK: Czechoslovakian
DNK: Denmark
FCE: French
HOL: Netherlands
IND: Indian
NOR: Norway
NZA: New Zealand
POL: Polish
RHO: Rhodesian
SAF: South African
UK: British (included Republic of Ireland, Caribbean, etc.)
USA: American

Abbreviations: Rank
ACM: Aircraftman
ADJ: Adjudant
CAP: Captain, Capitaine
CPL: Corporal, Caporal
F/L: Flight Lieutenant
F/O: Flying officer
F/SGT: Flight Sergeant
G/Cap: Group Captain
KAP, KPP, KPR: Polish ranks
LAC: Leading Aircraftman
LT: Lieutenant
P/O: Pilot Officer
PLUT, PORU: Polish Ranks
SGT: Sergeant
SQD/L: Squadron Leader
W/O: Warrant Officer

- The crashes happened outside of Belgians borders are listed according the province where the airmen involved in the crash are buried.
- The list shows also the RAF personal arrived on the continent after liberation of Belgium, on September 3rd, 1944. We consider that these soldiers are also entitled to our tribute. According the time and the location where they were killed, they are listed as “Zlanding” for these whose the reason of their presence have to be specified, “ZFerry” for these who were killed off the Belgian coast. These men were sent as “Unaccounted” to organize the logistic of the RAF bases in Belgium. Many of them died after that the Landing Ship Tank HM LST-420 exploded on a floating mine off Oostende heaven.
- Researches for the cases listed as “Unknown” or UNK have yet to be done.


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