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Last update: 25/06/23

Elegy to
the Heroes of Silence

On Thusday September 2019, a Convention of Partnership has been signed between the representatives of The "Souvenir Français" and The Belgians Remember Them".
This agreement provides of:
* The Association « The Belgians Remember Them » and the “Souvenir Français” conclude a partnership. * Within this partnership, each association is committed.
- To participate in initiatives implemented by each of the associations. (Conferences,
- Present initiatives in their respective communication tools carried out by each of the two associations.
- To promote cross-membership for each of the associations.
- To include a reference to this partnership on the each of the two associations.
* The signature of this Convention shall be preceded by the agreement of the the respective boards of directors of both associations.
* A review of the implementation of the partnership agreement will be carried out annually and will be concluded by an exchange of mail.

Lt-Colonel Hre Claude Michel, Representing the "Souvenir Français signed for his organisation and Wilfred Burie, "The Belgians Remember Them" for his own.
Convinced that organisations such as their own have to unite their efforts in the fight agains fergotten, the both Representatives wish that the act signed this day will be the base of a successful partnership
This mutual assistance will only make both associations grow in the work of Memory.


Lt-Colonel Claude Michel signed for "Le Souvenir Français" while Wilfred Burie did it for "The Belgians Remember Them". At right, Gilbert Beeckmans assists as witness.


Together, we shall be stronger in our work against forgotten!

Le Souvenir Français, it is:


Throughout the year, Le Souvenir Français maintains, renovates and flowers more than 130,000 tombs. It restores more than 200 monuments. Last year it erected some 40 steles and memorials.
Carried out by volunteers all over metropolitan France, overseas and abroad, the work of maintaining the graves is demanding and sometimes obscure. It is fundamental, however, not only to honor all those who – unknown or famous – died for France and its values, but also to pass on the message of the indispensable Memory to the younger generations.

The French Souvenir is:
* 130,000 graves maintained per year
* the safeguarding of desolate graves
* the creation of collecting tombs
* dozens of monuments restored each year (steles, monuments, memorials, etc.)


Participating in the work of remembrance also means commemorating the events that marked our history and honoring those who gave their lives for our Homeland.
Throughout the year, Le Souvenir Français participates in numerous commemorations, both national and local, in France and abroad.
The French Remembrance is especially present under the Arc de Triomphe to pay regular homage to the Unknown Soldier. Since 1923, an eternal flame has been lit there; it is revived every evening at 6:30 pm.
In addition to these actions, Le Souvenir Français produces objects related to ceremonies and commemorations: torches, palms, masts, etc. The list of these objects is available by clicking on this link.


The transmission of the legacy of memory to younger generations has continued steadily since the association’s creation. It is a matter of gradually passing on the torch to them by instilling in them, through the maintenance of remembrance, a sense of duty, love for the homeland and respect for its values.
Thanks to the dedication of its volunteer members, Souvenir Français organizes educational activities throughout the year to raise the awareness of thousands of young students in places of remembrance:
* 40,000 educational activities
* 150 school trips
* testimonials in schools
* conferences
* development of educational spaces

In addition, the association publishes a number of documents aimed at making its work known to young people and to those who guide them in the learning of knowledge:
* quarterly review
* brochure, comic books, brochures…

Soon, the website of the Souvenir Français will be enriched with a pedagogical space specially dedicated to teachers and students who want to learn about the work of Memory.


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