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The cemeteries where rest the fallen: Memorial of Runnymede (UK)

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Elegy to
the Heroes of Silence



Overlooking the River Thames on Cooper’s Hill in Runnymede, Surrey, is Runnymede Memorial, sometimes known as the Air Forces Memorial. The memorial commemorates more than 20,000 airmen and women who were lost in the Second World War during operations from bases in the United Kingdom and North and Western Europe who have no known grave.

The memorial commemorates the men and women of the air forces of the Commonwealth who were lost in air and other operations over western Europe during the Second World War
Designed by Sir Edward Maufe, it is made of Portland stone and consists of a shrine embraced by a cloister
The shrine is adorned with three stone figures by Vernon Hill representing Justice, Victory and Courage
The engraved glass and painted ceilings were designed by John Hutton and the poem engraved on the gallery window was written by Paul H Scott
The memorial was unveiled on 17 October 1953 by Queen Elizabeth II

Crew-members fallen in Province of Antwerpen:

* Crew of Whitley P4992-KN-T fallen to Antwerpen on 18/11/1940
* Crew of Halifax JN920-LK-L fallen to Turnhout (Retie) on 22/10/1943
* Crew of Lancaster ME846-PG-C fallen to Postel on 22/06/1944
* Crew of Lancaster DV 309-BQ-S fallen to Westerlo on 22/05/1944

Crew-members fallen in the area of Brussels

* Crew of Hurricane L1941 fallen to Brussels on 15/05/1940

Crew-members fallen in Province of Vlaams Brabant:

* Crew of Lancaster KB835-WL-J fallen to Landen on 15/03/1945
* Crew of Blenheim N6173 fallen to Neerwinden on 13/05/1944
* Crew of Halifax HX347-ZA-Q fallen to Eppegem on 2/05/1944
* Crew of Lancaster JA976-LQ-S fallen to Webbecom on 28/04/1944
* Crew of Hurricane N2335 fallen to Tienen on 15/05/1940

Crew-members fallen in Province of Limburg:

* Crew of Lancaster ED488-VN-N fallen to Hamont-Achel on 2/02/1943
* Crew of Whitley Z6479 MH-M fallen to Houthalen on 17/06/1941

Crew-members fallen in Province of Luxemburg:

* Crew of Halifax MZ740-MP-R fallen to Nassogne on 26/12/1944
* Crew of Lancaster PD388-CF-Z fallen outside the borders on 14/01/1945
* Crew of Lancaster HE664-WP-V fallen in Germany on 23/12/1944
* Crew of

Crew-members fallen in Province of Liege:

* Crew of Lancaster PD252-HA-D fallen to Henri-Chapelle on 13/08/1944
* Crew of Stirling BF565-HA-H fallen to Kettenis on 29/05/1943
* Crew of Lancaster LL758-SR-A fallen to Trembleur on 5/10/1944
* Crew of
* Crew of

Crew-members fallen in Province of Namur:

* Crew of Hurricane L1645 fallen to Dinant on 15/05/1940
* Crew of Halifax LV818-ZA-F fallen to Les Taillettes (F) on 18/12/1944
* Crash of Hampden AE380-VN fallen off coast on 15/12/1941
* Crash of Lancaster ED800-VN-U fallen to Yves-Gomezée on 17/04/1943

Crew-members fallen in Province of Oost-Vlaanderen:

* Crew of Lancaster LM454-QR-Z fallen to Melsele on 12/05/1944
* Crew of Wellington R1406-BL-C fallen to Sint-Laureins on 27/06/1941
* Crew of Stirling EE880-OJ-O fallen to Tielt on 29/06/1943
* Crew of Hampden P1318 fallen off coast on 25/05/1940
* Crew of Wellington Z1209-QT-Z fallen of coast on 31/05/1942
* Crew of Blenheim R3661-PZ-A fallen outside of borders on 18/07/1940
* Crew of
* Crew of
* Crew of
* Crew of

Crew-members fallen in Province of West Vlaanderen:

* Crew of Dakota KG512 fallen to Ramskapelle on 21/09/1944
* Crew of Lysander L4811 fallen off coast on 31/05/1940
* Crew of Hampden L4097 fallen off coast on 10/09/1940
* Crew of Wellington X3162-DX fallen off coast on 22/03/1941
* Crew of Blenheim V6318-GB-B fallen off coast on 23/04/1941
* Crew of Wellington T2620-WS-G fallen off coast on 9/06/1941
* Crew of Hampden AD726-KM fallen off coast on 12/09/1941
* Crew of Blenheim Z7274-XD fallen off coast on 2/09/1941
* Crew of Wellington W5579-SM-L fallen off coast on 16/10/1941
* Crew of Wellington X9828-SR fallen off coast on 24/10/1941
* Crew of Halifax L96000-TL-V fallen off coast on 11/12/1941
* Crew of Hampden AE380-VN fallen off coast on 15/12/1941
* Crew of Wellington R1064-NZ fallen off coast on 16/12/1941
* Crew of Wellington W5482-NP-X fallen off coast on 11/04/1942
* Crew of Wellington Z1379-GR-J fallen off coast on 15/04/1942
* Crew of Lancaster R5684-ZN-P fallen off coast on 25/08/1942
* Crew of Halifax W7745-NP-K fallen off coast on 10/09/1942
* Crew of Wellington BJ987-PP-L fallen off coast on 11/09/1942
* Crew of Stirling BK602-AA-R fallen off coast on 26/05/1943
* Crew of Wellington HE184-SE-M fallen off coast on 11/06/1943
* Crew of Lancaster W4332-UV fallen off coast on 16/06/1943
* Crew of Halifax JD213-KN-V fallen off coast on 23/06/1943
* Crew of Stirling R9281-MG-V fallen off coast on 25/06/1943
* Crew of Lancaster ND705-AS-F fallen off coast on 19/03/1944
* Crew of Stirling LJ501-OJ-H fallen off coast on 1/06/1944
* Crew of Lancaster LM136-UM-D fallen off coast on 21/07/1944
* Crew of Mosquito DZ640-AZ-U fallen off coast on 30/10/1944
* Crew of Lancaster HK683-A4-M fallen off coast on 23/11/1944
* Crew of Hudson AM701 fallen off coast on 6/09/1942
* Crew of Lancaster LM633-UM-T fallen to Diksmuide on 21/07/1944
* Crew of Lancaster ND734-TL-H fallen off coast on 24/06/1944
* Crew of Manchester L7494 fallen off coast on 11/08/1944
* Crew of Spitfire BL822-MN-T fallent off coast on 1/06/1942
* Crew of
* Crew of

Crew-members whose the location of the crash is not known

* Crew of Lancaster LL966-LE-P fallen on 15/02/1945


Location information

The memorial is open to the public every day of the year except Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Opening hours from 1 November to 31 March on weekdays are 09.00 - 16.00 or dusk whichever is sooner, and on weekends and public holidays 10.00 - 16.00 or dusk, whichever is sooner. From 1 April to 31 October, opening hours on weekdays are 09.00 - 18.00 or dusk whichever is sooner, and on weekends and public holidays 10.00 - 18.00 or dusk, whichever is sooner.

This Memorial overlooks the River Thames on Cooper's Hill at Englefield Green between Windsor and Egham on the A308, 4 miles from Windsor.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC)


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