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RAF aircraft's crash arisen out of borders:
Duisburg (NL)

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Elegy to
the Heroes of Silence

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Crash site of Lancaster ND745-A4-D

cest raf squadron
Unit: 115 Squadron
Aircraft: Lancaster
Code: ND745-A4-D
Crew officer:
Incident: Shot down by German fighter

Location: Unknown



361 Lancasters and 14 Mosquitos of Nos 1, 3, 6 and 8 Groups carried out the first large raid on Dortmund for a year.
The attack fell mainly in the south-eastern districts of Dortmund, mostly in residential areas. 18 Lancasters were lost, 4.8 per cent of the force.
" From the details in the report regarding the crash locations of both aircraft and crew members, I would say almost certainly that these aircraft were on their bombing run when LL960 was hit, although two of her crew left the aircraft before it crashed, one of them D S Kirkwood coming down close to ND745, and the other A J Alcott washed ashore further down river, there is no evidence to say if they baled out of the aircraft, and may well have been thrown out when the aircraft exploded, without their parachutes, and as the debris were scattered over a wide area, the flak hit may well have set of the bomb load. David King "

115 Squadron RAF-Bint
The International Bomber Command Centre (IBCC)
Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC)
Aircrew Remembered

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