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Crash site of Typhoon MN881-R

cest raf squadron
Unit: 197 Squadron
Aircraft: Typhoon
Code: MN881-R
Base: Deurne
Incident: Collided with Typhoon MN572-D

Location: (Prov. Antwerpen)



From 'For Your Tomorrow - A record of New Zealanders who have died while serving with the RNZAF and Allied Air Services since 1915 (Volume Two: Fates 1943-1998)':
Tue 21 Nov 1944 - 2nd TACTICAL AIR FORCE
Interdiction over the Amersfoort area, Netherlands
197 Squadron, RAF (B70 [Deurne], Belgium - 146 Wing, 84 Group)
Typhoon IB MN752/D - took off at 1355 with three others, but 15 minutes later, after climbing some distance in cloud, the four were instructed to descend. Almost immediately the order was issued the leader saw a flash in the cloud, MN752 having collided with Typhoon MN881. They fell near Fort de Schoten, a few kilometres NE of Antwerp, where the two pilots are buried. It was thought probable that MN881, cutting in front, had been rammed in the tail by MN752.
Pilot: NZ40422 Flt Lt Eric Kingsley NECKLEN, RNZAF - Age 24. 1053hrs (about 100 on Typhoon) 71st op.

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