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RAF aircraft's crash sites in Province of Liege:

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Crash site of Stirling BF565-HA-H

cest raf squadron
Unit: 218 Squadron
Aircraft: Stirling
Code: BF565-HA-H
Base: Downham Market
Mission: Wuppertal
Incident: Shot down by German fighter

The crew: from left: Sgt H N Wade, x, x, x, P/O Gordon, Sgt W F Henderson, Sgt D P Strong - Pictures from Ian Henderson

Location: (Prov. Liege)



Sgt Horton Nielsen WADE is from Eltham (Taranaki, NZ).
He was the navigator on board a heavy Short Stirling bomber, registration BF565 (HA-H), belonging to the 218 Squadron of Bomber Command and based in Downham Market, England.
On the night of 29/30 May 1943, 739 bombers had the mission of bombing the city of Wuppertal, this as part of the Battle of “Ruhrgebiet”.
The bombing was described as particularly effective as huge fires developed in the narrow streets of the old town. It is even likely that the intensity of the fire produced the first of what will later be called a “firestorm”. The ravages were terrible: about 500 hectares destroyed by fire. Five large factories, 211 industrial buildings, and 4,000 homes had been completely destroyed. And this tragedy took 3,400 lives. So far, Wuppertal’s assault was the deadliest and most devastating raid since the beginning of the war.
On the British side, this raid resulted in the loss of 33 bombers or 4.6% of the force. The BF565 Sterling was one of those bombers that didn’t come back. Over Belgium, it was intercepted by a night fighter and crashed into a field near Kettenis, 2 km NNE from Eupen. None of the seven crew members survived. Three of them, including Sgt H. N. Wade, are buried at Hotton British Cemetery. The bodies of the other four victims, including another New Zealander, Air Gunner Sgt D. P. Strong, were never found.
Sgt H. N. Wade rests in the grave VII-C-12. At the time of death he was 30 years old - Tranlated: Wilfred Burie

Shot down by night fighter pilot Leutnant Heinz-Wolfgang Schnaufer of the Stab II./NJG 1, flying Bf 110 G-4 G9+EC from St Trond airfield. Also claimed by Flak of the 1./schwere Flak-Abteilung 514.


Bombing fires on Wuppertal on May 30, 1943


The city of Wuppertal destroyed after RAF bombing

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