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RAF aircraft's crash sites in Province of Oost-Vlanderen:
Crash arisen outside of borders: S. of Cambrai (F)

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Crash site of Lancaster LL862-SR-K

crest raf squadron
Unit: 101 Squadron
Aircraft: Lancaster
Code: LL862-SR-K
Base: Ludford Magna
Mission: Homberg
Incident: Shot down by German Flak

Location: (Prov. Oost Vlanderen)



According few sources on the Web, it appears that the case of the crash of Lancaster LL862-SR-K is akin to an act of deliberate treason:

On 21/07/1944, the LL862 crashed in the S de Cambrai with 6 men on board, the pilot having abandoned the aircraft by parachute. An investigation into suspected sabotage was conducted in 1946, following the testimony of German soldiers, in order to determine the responsibility of the pilot in the crash.
At the end of this investigation, and after hearing the witnesses and the P/O Meier himself, it turns out that the latter, of German origin, deliberately abandoned his apparatus in order to surrender to the Germans, not supporting the killing of civilian compatriots during the bombings. He wanted to land the Lancaster in Germany to surrender, but the crew refused.
Only the bomber, Sgt Gwilliam, jumped. There are a lot of grey areas in this affair:
- Sgt Gwilliam says he was ordered to evacuate but other testimony says he got scared and jumped into confusion and because the aircraft was losing altitude
- If Gwilliam was ordered to jump, why didn’t the other members evacuate? Was it just a verbal order from the pilot?
- Meier said he gave the controls to the mechanic (there is no co-pilot in a Lancaster) but a mechanic does not fly.
- Why are 3 crew members buried in Cambrai and 3 in Belgium, when one of the reports states that they were all buried in a common grave?
The fact remains that 6 men were deliberately killed in this case because of the pilot. He remained in Germany.

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Official report concerning P/O Meier

The International Bomber Command Centre (IBCC)
Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC)
Aircrew Remembered

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