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RAF aircraft's crash sites in Province of West-Vlaanderen:
Off the Belgian coast

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Crash site of Hampden AD726-KM

cest raf squadron
Unit: 44 Squadron
Aircraft: Hampden
Code: AD726-KM
Base: Waddington
Mission: Koln
Crew officer:

Location: (Prov. West-Vlanderen)



103 aircraft-45 Wellingtons, 39 Hampdens, 7 Halifaxes, 6 Manchester to railway targets and 5 further Manchesters on searchlight-suppression flights 3 Hampdens, 1 Manchester and 1 Wellington were lost and a further Wellington was shot down by an Intruder over England.
The weather was bad and only the estimated position of Cologne bombed, through cloud, by 68 aircraft. Cologne reports a few bombs and 1 person killed.
Hampden AD726-KM took off 2040 hrs Waddington. Crashed in the North Sea 25 miles east of Harwich, Essex. Two bodies were washed onto the Belgian coast, Sgt. Hayes is buried at Oost-Duinkerke Communal Cemetery and Sgt. Taylor in Adegem Canadian War Cemetery.
The names of Sgt. Harvey and F/S. Phillips are perpetuated on the panels of the Runnymede Memorial.

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